Laws and regulations have been created worldwide to try to ensure that anyone who might be in a position to influence the decision of others, does so with a degree of transparency. I care about the law, but more importantly, I care about the intent behind the law.  It seems unethical to me to know that people might make decisions based on my words and actions without knowing my vested positions. It is with that in mind that I created this page.

I intend to update this and share any project I have invested in, as well as any project I am advising in return for compensation. I don’t promote or advertise on behalf of others but I understand that the mere fact that I am listed as an advisor for a project is advertising in and of itself. My being an advisor or investor in a project is not an endorsement of that project. Things change, people change, I may or may not give good advice, people may or may not choose to take my advice.

Please always DYOR (do your own research) when making any financial decisions. Nothing I say should ever be construed as financial or investment advice. I recommend speaking with a financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

This is a living document that I will endeavour to update and keep as active/current as possible. Not listed are all the NFTs I own, but I list my wallet addresses at the end for anyone to look into my holdings. If you have any questions or believe there is a mistake or something missing, please contact me and I will be happy to address anything.

In addition to this page, we have an Ethical Trading Policy for everyone on the team at ZenAcademy.

This page is directly inspired by Swombat’s transparency page.

Angel Investing

Here you will find a list of all crypto/nft companies that I have a financial interest in. Unless specified elsewhere, my involvement ends there.

Official Positions

I hope that this page where I list active and past advisory positions will help clarify my involvement with projects.

In addition to my official advisory positions, I hold office hours for members of The 333 Club and have offered advice and guidance to over 100 projects / founders through there.

Not included are several companies I am under an active NDA for.

Active Positions

I started advising Kantoria in March 2022, as head advisor and strategist. I will be working closely with the team, with multiple calls per week, to help bring their vision to market. 

I started advising Omega RUNNER in March 2022. My arrangement is to have 1-2 strategy calls with the team to help plan their go-to-market strategy and community building endeavors.

I became an advisor for Decentraweb in March 2022. My arrangement is to have a 1 hour call per month with the team and offer insight and strategic guidance for their overall strategy, especially relating to the NFT space.

I am one of the Directors of the Blur Foundation.

Partially Active Positions

I actively advised CATC from Oct – Dec 2021. I received compensation of 6% of their primary mint proceeds, minus refunds, for being an advisor. Part of this was sent in the form of CATC NFTs. I’ve sold zero, but I have given some away as part of giveaways and promotions for ZenAcademy and The 333 Club. I made a small investment in the company in 2022.

I have been advising MPL since before their launch, very casually. I didn’t receive any financial compensation (by my own choice), instead they have returned the favour by offering advice to me (and my team) at ZenAcademy.

Past Positions

I was meant to join the ParaSpace team as an advisor in April 2023; due to some internal conflicts with the platform, this never eventuated.

I was “Chief Zen Officer” at Blur from May 2022 to Jan 2023. My role was a combination of being an advisor + ambassador. 

I started as an advisor for Kometh in Oct 22 and ended advising them in March 23. My compensation was an hourly/monthly rate paid in USDC, as well as 2% of any primary pass sales and 2% of any trading fees for the first year after mint.

I advised Dreamland Genesis from Oct – Dec 2021 and helped with their launch and provided some post-launch advice and support. I received compensation of 6% of their primary mint proceeds.

I started as an advisor for R Labs in Sept 22 and helped with their launch strategy + educational efforts post-launch. I was not compensated for my role.

I advised Genticats / Genomes from Dec 2021 – Feb 2022. I received 100 NFTs from their collection as compensation for my work. I’ve sold zero, but I have given some away as part of giveaways and promotions for ZenAcademy and The 333 Club.

I advised SHOEz from October – Dec 2021. My agreement was to receive a percentage of mint proceeds as compensation, but because the mint did not go especially well, I elected not to take any of the proceeds from it.

I advised NFF in the two months prior to their initial launch. I received 3x Executive Producer NFTs as compensation.

Wallet Addresses

This is a list of my active and most used wallet addresses. These account for the virtually all of my trading activity and personal holdings:



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